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Jok Jatau December 16, 2019

Good Support

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jejeupdates tv December 16, 2019

One of the Best web hosting companies in Africa

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Ojo Abraham December 16, 2019

Excellent Services

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Samuel Achema December 16, 2019

Men, @whogohost support is prompt, amazing and courteous... This is not a paid advert ooo... I just love the effort those guys put into issues resolution like they're not Nigerians

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Stephen Jude December 16, 2019

Let me shout out to some companies that gave me amazing and on-time customer support this year. First is

and I am giving them 5 stars rating. Most issues are resolved in their Twitter DM



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Adegoke Abiodun November 1, 2019

Excellent service from you guy.

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abraham alex October 15, 2019

outstanding support service, good and quick response

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isaac Fatokun October 15, 2019

Your customer care people are nothing short of amazing. Trust me. Very friendly and helpful. They know their onions too.

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Oluwapelumi Ogeroju October 4, 2019

Odunayo and Christopher from @whogohost are geniuses. Both have been trying to solve the issue with my email since yesterday at midnight at my insistence. Not only have they demonstrated good technical knowledge. They have shown me empathy.  Not for once did frustration show in their voice. Their handling time was exceeded several times during the call and they didn't end the conversation to start again. Guys, I appreciate you. Thank you.


@whogohost they deserve some accolades #FridayThoughts

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@Wothappen9ja September 16, 2019

Excellent customer service

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Bright Gabbi September 13, 2019

Best hosting company in Nigeria

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Ogunwo Kayode September 13, 2019

Great IT Solution providers


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Adeola Abiola September 13, 2019

Good hosting company

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Michael Ayinde September 13, 2019

amazing experience using Whogohost

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